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What is inua!

¡nua! is at the heartbeat of the local music industry and enjoys direct insights into the market’s happenings through a vast network and contacts to professional recording studios, music producers, singers, song writers, video directors, artist managers and media houses. In fact, this is how the idea of ¡nua! was born: working on musical projects while planning the next career move and realising that there is an abundance of talents that are far from being utilised to their full potential. This is how we realised the demand and huge potential to provide market access and visibility for African artists that are yet to make headlines and set the musical trends of tomorrow.

Services Provided

To gain access to our services, artists are asked to sign up for an annual subscription. This is necessary, because we work with a premium distribution service called Distrokid that charge us for the number of artists listed. These costs are passed on to our members, which also works as motivation that once you sign up you should get to work and start releasing music on all the platforms that the internet provides for you!

Join Our Program

Click the link below to download a word document of the Artist Service agreement which includes the contract that you can fill in, then print and sign if you are interested in the !nua! program. You will also find on the document our service catalog to pick the appropriate packages.

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